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Wedding Speech: Overcoming Your Nerves and Fear of Public Speaking

It's normal to feel a flutter of nerves when faced with the prospect of public speaking.

The key is to embrace these nerves and turn them into a source of energy and confidence.

In our Wedding Speech Masterclass courses we help people to overcome the nervous and overwhelming feelings that happen when you give speeches. In this blog, we want to provide you with some basic, simple and practical tips to help you right now.

A proven way to help regulate and calm your nervous system is by Practicing Deep-Breathing.

Example of Deep -Breathing

Inhale through your nose for a count of 3 seconds

Exhale for 6 seconds through pursed lips as if you’re slowly blowing out a candle in your hand.

Treat yourself to 3 deep breaths now, go on you deserve it! 😉

😌Feels good right?

Breathe deeply for at least 3 cycles of 3 x 6 or until you feel yourself becoming calmer.

Feel less anxiety?

Wedding Speech Masterclass have a range of courses to suit all types of weddings. We are here to support you to aleviate the stress and anxiety of wedding speeches.

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