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Maid of Honour: 3 Common Duties Revealed

When your beloved BFF (best friends forever) got excited and yelled out "I AM GETTING MARRIED" and "YOU ARE THE MAID OF HONOUR" did you really know what you were in for? This simple blog reveals the three main common duties expected by the Maid of Honour (MOH):

  1. Hens night: Masterminding a hens night of surprises, antics, and questionable outfits – to make the bride blush and laugh simultaneously!

  2. Supported Wedding Planner: Expertly navigating the chaos of wedding planning, including deciphering indecipherable Pinterest boards and managing bridezilla moments with a smile.

  3. MOH Speech: Crafting a speech that walks the fine line between embarrassing childhood stories and heartfelt sentiments, ensuring both laughter and tears.

If you’re heart skips a beat on number 3, know that you’re not alone, as the road to crafting theperfect speech is riddled with concerns that every maid of honour faces.

Fear not, Wedding Speech Mastercalass have delightlfully designed a 40 min MOH online training course specially to alleviate these worries and ensure your speech is a flawlessly-delivered with a blend of humour and sentiment.

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