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Partner with WSM

Wedding Speech Masterclass (WSM) are delighted to offer a Partner program earning you cash for every course, gift card or eBook purchased. 

We have developed a very simple and easy to use program so that you can integrate it with your existing processes.


Follow the below steps to sign up to the partner program.

Step One

Sign up using the login button at the top of our page (or at the bottom of this page).

Step Two

When you sign in you will see a little  pop up on the bottom of your home screen that says 'Become a WSM Partner!'. Click on it and then "Sign Up Now"

Step Three

Once the previous steps have been completed you will be logged in. On the bottom right you will see the 'Affiliate Portal' button. When you click on it you will be able to see and track all of your referrals that have converted (see example image 'The Partner Portal').

Step Four

When you become a WSM Partner you will receive 20% commission on every item purchased.

Step Five
Share & Earn

Share with everyone you know and earn with Wedding Speech Masterclass. 

Your portal will provide you a link to share via email to your clients so they can purchase Wedding Speech Masterclass courses, gift cards and eBooks (see example image below).

The Partner Portal
partner portal.png
Become a WSM Partner. Start by using the login below.
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