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Structuring your Wedding Speech - 3 BOLD Tips

Wedding speeches can be filled with anxiety, worry and dread! Some people google "What do I write in my wedding speech" and others may look up "How do I structure my speech".

Delivering a well-structured speech doesn't require a 10-year background in theatre or public speaking but it does require planning. Here we are giving you 3 bold and simple tips to help you kick start your speech preperation:


Start with a strong INTRODUCTION that captures attention - perhaps a funny anecdote or a heartfelt quote.


Transition smoothly between the BODY or key parts by organising your speech into sections: personal stories, acknowledgment of the groom etc


And finish with a heartfelt or funny CONCLUSION

As you embark on the journey of preparing your speech, remember that simplicity is your ally. Embrace the nerves, celebrate the uniqueness of your relationship with the bride through carefully chosen stories, and structure your speech with a clear flow.

Confidence, authenticity, a touch of humour, and using the expert advice and techniques shared in our 40 min Wedding Speech Masterclass Courses. Our courses will transform your speech into a memorable moment that elevates the joy of the wedding celebration.

Being chosen for a speech is not just a role; it's an opportunity to

create a memory that adds to the magic of the day.. Here's to popping the bubbly and giving the ultimate wedding speech – may your speech be as delightful as the couple themselves!

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